Vaginal balls are a vaginal muscle exerciser. This simulator is able both to give you pleasure and to solve a number of women’s problems. Such as reducing the tone of the lower abdomen and returning the original size of the vagina after childbirth.

Many women know about the Kegel exercise and will argue that by doing this exercise it is possible to bring your health back to normal without balls. In part, I agree with you. But we all know that doing exercises with the load results faster, much faster.In the modern world, women are increasingly NOT having an orgasm, they blame men, tiredness and a lot more, but the problem turns out to be solved. Doing exercises with balls can learn to control your own vagina as you did before. And get a lot of vivid impressions.

Use the balls is very simple. You must enter them into the vagina and just compress. In fact, too, the Keelexercises, with only a load. Even better, if you learn to roll the balls. At first I didn’t understand how it was, but when we learned.

Vaginal balls are for giving birth and not giving birth, the only difference is in the size of the balls. Larger balls are easier to hold, so they are recommended for beginners.

When I chose the balls for myself, I wanted them to be balls on the hitch, but not on hard. Required with offset center of gravity and up to 30mm. Also you should ask Can yoni eggs fall out?

After seeing the vaginal balls geisha balls, I fell in love.

  1. The balls themselves are made of hypoallergenic plastic; the frame is 100% medical silicone.
  2. Balls 4 pieces, all different in weight, which allows them to combine and increase the load.
  3. Excellent packaging and good price.

But there was one thing; the size of the balls was 30 mm. But with this I was measured and do not regret.

Of course, you sometimes come across terms like “geisha balls”, “vaginal or vaginal balls”. This name sounds both bold and mysterious. That is why we will try to explain to you what these unusual intimate accessories are for and how they are used.

Geisha Balls

This invention came from the Far East – from China, Thailand, Japan, and was used many centuries ago by women who want to achieve greater pleasure and enhance their sensations. And modern science has even discovered one of the types of positive effects of these two small balls connected to each other on the female body.

The fact is that they are able to strengthen the internal muscles of the vagina, which are responsible for holding urine and sensation of orgasm. It turned out that these muscles can be successfully trained by clamping the balls already mentioned. Trained vaginal muscles provide a high intensity of orgasm. That is why such balls should be used not only to get pleasure, but also to perform exercises that can improve the quality of your sex life.

How to use geisha balls?

This device usually consists of two interconnected elements-balls, which, in turn, are inserted into the vagina. Applying a certain amount of lubricant to their surface will facilitate this action. This manipulation in practice is no more difficult than using a tampon. If you cannot do it standing, try to relax and carry out the procedure lying down. After that, move your legs together and strain your thigh muscles. You should feel how these balls move a little deeper, and feel the inner fullness.

Feelings are similar to those that arise when using a tampon – after a while you get used to it. Keep the balls inside the vagina for 15 minutes a day, performing the exercises described below. This device usually does not interfere with the performance of any daily activities, but it is advisable to use them only at home, because they can easily slip out. You can also try using these balls during sexual intercourse or masturbation – they can additionally stimulate your partner’s member and the inside of the vagina.

You can remove them by slowly pulling the thread, and if your model is not equipped with it – just squeezing the muscles of the vagina. These balls are relatively small, so they can be easily removed. This device must be kept clean, which is achieved with the usual washing with warm water and soap after each use.

How to train muscles with geisha balls?

  1. Exercise sitting. Sit with your legs apart. Try to strain the muscles inside the vagina, which will cause the balls to move up and down. At first, they may not move at all, but regular exercise for several days or weeks will produce results.
  2. Exercise standing. This exercise aims to use the weight of the balls falling down and the strength of the muscles that will hold them in place. Put your legs shoulder-width apart. Try to tighten the muscles so as to keep the balls in place, or even move them up. Hold them for a few seconds, and then relax your muscles.
  3. Exercise in a squat. Sit on the haunches and strain the muscles of the vagina, trying to move the balls up. The more you bend your knees, the harder it will be to perform the exercise.
  4. Wear balls during daily activities. You can wear them whirling around the house or under the shower. The vibrations that they will cause may additionally excite, stimulating to masturbate or have sex.
  5. There are many models of such balls on the market, so you should experiment and choose the ones that are best for you. If at the very beginning it will seem to you that you cannot achieve the desired results – do not despair and do not rush. Just keep practicing – with the same enthusiasm and regularity. The results will be in any case. And if you want to use them during sex – do not be shy. Tell your partner about it. Be sure that he will not mind – you can even ask him to help you put them. Just try out of pure curiosity – and you will like it.

The benefits of using vaginal balls

There are several advantages to using vaginal balls and we will describe some of them below:

  • vaginal muscles become stronger and more resilient
  • sexual sensations are much brighter
  • orgasm is achieved much easier
  • bladder control improves
  • increasing sexual pleasure of both partners
  • increased sexual desire
  • during sex you can control your intimate muscles
  • Childbirth is easier and painless, in addition, the muscles quickly return to their former form.

How to use vaginal balls.

Step 1: Before installing the balls in the vagina, it is recommended to empty the bladder.

Step 2: Apply some water-based or silicone-based lubricant to the balloon to facilitate insertion and inject one ben way into the vagina.

Step 3: Enter the simulator, first squeeze the thigh muscles, and then the intimate muscles. Ideally, you should feel some fullness.

Step 4: First, wear the balls daily for 15 minutes to get used to the new sensations, then the wearing time can last up to several hours

Step 5: If the ball falls out, wash it thoroughly and reintroduce it.

Step 6: Balls can fall out when sneezing, coughing, jumping up and down or when pushing out by squeezing the vaginal muscles. For more convenient extraction use balls with a special cord, having pulled for which the ball will easily slip out of a vagina.

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Useful tips

Beginners or non-pregnant women are advised to use lightweight balls of large diameter, since non-trained muscles will find it difficult to hold heavy metal balls.

After each use, clean the balls with a special bactericidal agent or rinse thoroughly with warm water and soap.

  • For storage, you can purchase convenient handbags of various sizes.
  • Practice at home, but try to avoid hard physical exercise to prevent them from falling out.
  • As soon as you feel that the muscles have become stronger, go to the balls of smaller diameter and greater weight.