I am not on a teaching tour, but I am always ready to have fun with your guild, retreat group, or fabulous friends!

Color Party 2.0: Goodnight Starlight


This is the second installment in a long-form Color Party series that I’ve been working on for the past three years. Using Grandma Pam’s quilt as an inspiration, I created a color study that explores two main concepts: Creating a Signature Palette and Secondary Imagery. Through the Color Party story, we’ll relate all of our blocks together in a fun way that will help you remember what you have learned!

Fabric Requirements:

16 fat eights of varying colors (fabrics that look beautiful together)
16 fat eights of black and whites- half black-on-white and half white-on-black is perfect!
Goodnight Starlight pattern (available day of class)

Color Party (original)- Improv Rocks!

Color Party

This is the first Color Party concept created in 2012 in Austin, Texas. Everyone brings scraps (me, too!) and we put them in a big ol’ mush pot and share them. At the end of the class, you can pull out any scraps you may want to keep for your quilt, and then we pay the kitty forward. It’s a fun revolving door of fabric. Students learn how to play with color without any pressure of making perfect blocks and are encouraged to explore alternative layouts.

Fabric requirements: HELLA SCRAPS varying in sizes. (Usable sizes!)

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