What is a penis plug? A penis plug with glands ring basically works the same as a normal penis plug. The rod often made of steel is brought in at the urethra. The glands ring, which is often attached to the plug, is then pushed over the head. In some variants, the ring should be under the glands and in some cases the ring is just halfway upthe glands. Only the models with glands ring can be used during sex. The glands ring provides extra stimulation during the penetration.

Who is a penis plug with glands ring?

A penis plug with glands ring is worn by men. But women can also enjoy this. When a man with such a penis plug penetrates her vagina, the ring can also be felt for the woman and provide extra stimulation. A penis plug with glands ring is also used in the BDSM scene. The Dominant can insert the penis plug into the submissive. Because the urethra is very sensitive and vulnerable, much trust is needed between the Dominant and the submissive. The Master can get the feeling of having total power over the submissive, while the submissive can feel completely at ease.

Are there any other models?

There are several models that you can use to penetrate the urethra. This is also called sounding or urethral play:

Other penis plugs

Besides penis plugs with glands ring, there are also models without an acorn ring. These models are more suitable to start with because the variations with glands ring can be overwhelming when you first start with penis plugs. There are also penis plugs with ridges, these stimulate the urethra inside and are also suitable for advanced. If your penis plug does not have a glands ring, it is unfortunately not suitable to have sex with.


You also insert dilators into the urethra, but these models are often longer. Dilators, also called sounds, are sometimes so long that they can reach the prostate and bladder. Where penis plugs are often used as jewelry, a dilator is more intended for stimulating the urethra by turning the rod around and moving up and down. Dilators are more suitable to start with if you have not done sounding before. By means of dilator sets you can slowly and little by little stretch the urethra a little more.

Penis plugs are used in the urethra. Penis plugs are offered in different versions. Think of a hollow penis plug, a dilator penis plug and a flexible penis plug. Use the penis plug with lubricant for a painless experience. In addition, there are penis plugs with vibration and penis plugs of stainless steel.

Do you dare this exciting experience?

A dilator is often used in the BDSM scene and is called ‘Sounding’ or ‘Urethral Play’ in English. The toy is elongated in nature and is used to penetrate the urethra. These dilators are mostly used by men because of the sexual stimuli caused by penetration into the penis. This stimulation can also be enhanced by the presence of a vibratory function. The big difference with a Penis plug is that a plug is often used for strengthening an erection and also serves as decoration. If you are ready to try this new experience, this interesting site sells dick plugs.

Silicone version with vibration function

The Dilator with vibration function offers a sensational feeling because of its long size. In addition, you can also hide the vibration bullet, with push button, between the buttocks for an extra fine feeling in the perineum part. The entire product is made with a high quality silicone coating so that it feels natural when used. With the 10 different vibration modes you can choose which rhythm best suits your mood. The feeling of pleasure is intense and invites you to be creative about the way you use it.

Safety and Use

It is recommended to also choose the right lubricant when used so that the insertion of the dilator is done safely and smoothly. Note that the penis is not completely in erect condition when inserting the dilator. The penis must still be half flaccid for the best experience also considering the chance of infections. Always proceed carefully and do not use too much lubricant. This increases the chance of the dilator increasing too quickly and creates a painful experience. When you remove the dilator, the penis should also be in a flaccid state. The products have been extensively tested at the factory and also meet the highest standards for consumers.

Experience the sensation of the urethra stimulator. Bring the stainless steel bar into your urethra during your erection and enjoy the ultimate feeling. But this is not just a rod. With a turn of the knob you let the bar vibrate. From your penis you get the crazy feeling of ecstasy. The urethra stimulator gives a wonderful feeling and is easy to clean. The vibrating urethra stimulator comes in a storage box where you can keep the urethra stimulator clean and safe. The vibrating urethra stimulator has a 9 cm long rod that can go into the penis. The diameter of the rod is maximum 1 cm and the standard with battery holder has a diameter of 27 cm. Material: stainless steel. The vibrating urethra stimulator is supplied with Volt battery.

Disclaimer: this product and all products on this website are delivered as described here. No warranty is given on the products usability or safety of the products. The use of this product is at the risk of the user. Both producer and seller are not liable for damage (to product loss or body and members) through use or misuse of this product.

Master series

With that great sensual feeling, the tension rises. You feel that the moment is close. Then it finally comes. The climax that completes your moment: Cumming is easier, but more exciting than ever before by Master Series. Through the stimulants you bring yourself to highlights that you did not even know about. It does not matter whether you want to pamper yourself or enjoy together with your partner. It’s all possible at Master Series. This allows you to completely discharge. Or make it as exciting as possible for yourself. You do the latter, for example, by postponing the moment supreme as long as possible or by being pampered by your partner. Master Series is for men and women. Use it once and you never want anything else. Give yourself that ultimate climax.

For a delicious stimulation of the urethra, choose a dilator from Sinner Gear! This elegant dilator not only has a ribbed structure for full stimulation, it is also hollow inside, allowing it to pass urine and sperm. The large draw ring at the end ensures that the dilator is easy to remove after use. Because the dilator is made of metal, it is very easy to clean with toy cleaner or lukewarm water. You can even use hot or cold water to heat or cool the metal for extra sensations.

Made of polished metal, this penis stick has a length of 12 cm. The rounded head ensures that the insertion is simplified. With a maximum diameter of 8.5 mm, he ensures that he fills you completely. Because this penis stick is closed, it cannot be worn during cum shot or peeing.

The material used for this penis stick is metal. This metal is carefully polished so that there are no sharp edges. By polishing, the surface of the metal is smooth to contribute to a pleasant experience. The material used is easy to clean so that you can play hygienically.