Nipple play can be quite fun, but did you know that men can enjoy nipple play as well? It turns out that anyone can have an orgasm through nipple stimulation, and you can drive your man crazy. Here, we will go through some of the most important tips when it comes to nipple play. 

Give them a few introductory kisses

The rules of nipple stimulation are similar to any other type of foreplay. The best possible course of action is to start slow. You don’t want to jump the gun and go straight to long nibbles. Nipples can be quite sensitive, and they are filled with nerve endings. Going too hard on them at once might be unpleasant and cause a counter effect. 

If your partner loves nipple play, there is a high chance they will push you away if you become vicious. So, take it slow. Start with a few introductory kisses, and build your way up. You need to prepare your partner for what’s to come, and they will appreciate it if you are gentle. 

The best idea is to start kissing the nipples and then move between his neck and chest. That way, you will give enough attention to his erogenous zones, and he will enjoy every second of it. 

Outline the areola with your finger

When it comes to nipple play, the majority of people forget about areolas. But areolas can be pretty sensitive as well. When you start playing with his nipples, it is always a good idea to include areolas in the play, and you can start with kissing them and touching them lightly with your fingers. 

Any type of stimulation is good, and as long as you are gentle, it will help him feel good. The best thing about them is that even the light touch will cause goosebumps and tickle down his body. Not only will you be able to arouse him, but he will adore every second of it. 

Many scientists suggest that nipple stimulation will trigger the same part of the brain as genital stimulation, and it is even possible to have a nipple orgasm as well. 

Lick and suck them a bit

When the time comes to spice things up a bit, you can start licking his nipples. Men love to have their body parts licked, and this might be something that will drive them crazy. Needless to say, using your tongue is quite sexual, and it will be both a physical and mental turn-on for your partner. 

As you progress with this part of foreplay, you can start sucking his nipples a bit more. After a while, he will be more relaxed and turned on, which is a perfect moment to turn it up a notch. To make things even more intimate, try looking him in the eye when you start playing with his nipples. 

Eye contact is quite important during sex, and it improves intimacy and will drive him nuts. It is essential to go through these steps slowly and take your time. Skipping a single step might not have him prepared for what is to come. 

Nibble them with caution

Playing with nipples, as well as licking and sucking on them, will turn him on, and he will be ready for a bit rougher action. Of course, if you plan on biting his nipples, you need to be careful. Regardless of how turned on he is, his nipples are still sensitive, and you don’t want to damage the skin. 

While there are men who will love rougher action and occasional biting, it is not something that applies to every guy, and you should be careful. 

The only way you can know whether you are too rough is to talk to your partner and let him tell you how far he wants to go. And if he never had experience with nipple stimulation, going too hard won’t be nearly as pleasurable for his first time. 

Ice them, then blow on them

Temperature play is a powerful technique for sex and foreplay. If you don’t know what it is, the idea behind it is quite simple. Our skin can be quite sensitive, and playing with something that is either cooler or warmer than our skin can send tingles down our spines. The most common tools for temperature play are ice cubes and molten wax. 

Since wax can be too extreme for some people, just start with ice cubes. Take a piece of ice in your hand, and run it over his nipples. After a while, you can use your breath to warm the area and send shivers down his entire body. 

Keep in mind that the smallest piece of ice is enough. You don’t need to do the ice bucket challenge and cause frostbites on your partner’s skin.  

When he’s ready, try introducing nipple sex toys

If you came this far, and your partner loved what you did, you can try something a bit more extreme. Naturally, you might want to skip this part if it is his first time, but for someone who enjoys nipple play, introducing sex toys might seem like a good idea. 

One of the most popular toys for nipple play is nipple clamps. These toys are quite small, and they are used to pinch nipples and prevent blood flow. After teasing a bit, you will remove the clamps, and blood will rush back into his nipples, causing waves of pleasure. 

Nipple clamps are as safe as it gets as long as you use them correctly. You can adjust the majority of these toys to ensure that they aren’t pinching too hard and that they won’t cause any damage to his skin. For nipple suckers, clamps will be an excellent choice, and they will adore every second of attention you bring.