No matter what your blogging skills are, you can put them to work for you when you join me. The job I offer encompasses many tasks, from consultancy to payroll. When you join me, you can get paid to help my clients:

• Do blogger outreach
• Manage my email inbox
• Provide customer service
• Complete data entry
• Keep track of income and expenses (bookkeeping)
• Schedule appointments
• Research for posts
• Brainstorm relevant post ideas
• Source stock photos for images

The position is sort of a catch-all for a variety of skills. However, don’t feel like you have to do it all. You will do better work and command higher rates if you stick to what you enjoy and excel at.

Diversifying your income is a wise decision. I hope this opportunity inspires you to use the skills you gained through blogging and create additional sources of income. And the great thing is, you aren’t limited to just one!

Apply now! Contact me for more details!