Would you like to buy your first dildo and you don’t know where to start? Have you already made a foray into the world of erotic toys but want to go one step further? There is so much to choose from that it can be a somewhat overwhelming process, right?

Sometimes, making the right decision about which dildo will be best for you can sometimes be complicated. Either because it is the first time that you are going to try this type of toy, or because you may already have one and now you need to go further, we want to give you some recommendations to make the choice much easier and easier.

Choosing the most suitable dildo for you at all times is easier than you think, if you know how.

A Little History

A dildo or dildo is a phallic toy that has no mechanical movement mechanism.

If we look back, the dildos have been among us since time immemorial, but how long do we have to go back to know their origin? Well, until 23000 BC (yes, wow!). That is the year in which the first dildos are referenced, although the materials used have nothing to do with the current ones. At that time leather, ivory and other natural materials were used as elements, but you can be calm, the thing has improved a lot since then.

What Word To Use, Comforter Or Dildo?

Like its origin, the term “Comforter” has been used for several centuries. From the Latin “Consolator, consolatoris”, it is associated with that which has the quality of comforting, encouraging, relieving affliction, calming and calming. However, in Diversual we believe that the term “Comforter” and its definition have become obsolete and carry negative connotations, so we prefer to use its Anglo-Saxon equivalent, “Dildo”, whose definition describes it as the phallic object that It is used to get pleasure. Choosing the right dildo can be an odyssey if you don’t know where to start.

The Benefits Of Using Dildos

Every day there are more people who make use of some erotic toy to reach orgasm or simply introduce the game in their sexual experiences. It is quite common to start with a dildo since they can be used both alone and as a couple, but do you know what are the benefits they can bring you?

They increase your libido, either in the context of masturbation or in sexual relations between two or more people.

They facilitate reaching a greater number of orgasms at the sexual level.

They increase your level of self-knowledge and improve what you already have.

They increase the excitation and with it the natural lubrication.

They improve the functioning and health of your sexual organs.

Used as a couple, they improve experiences and orgasms, providing extra fun to avoid falling into the routine.

Each type of dildo offers us a new opportunity to discover and try new experiences.

The use of dildos has many and varied benefits, beyond what we all know, to provide pleasure.

The dildo stimulates the senses and is beneficial for your sexual health.

Types Of Stimulation You Can Get With A Dildo


As we have already advanced, the dildo is a type of sex toy that does not have any type of mechanism or mechanical movement, so stimulation is achieved in most cases by direct penetration. You yourself manually decide the speed and type of movement you want at each moment. It is not an article of contact with the surface of your body such as some massage vibrators or suckers, or even nipple suckers which can enhance sensitivity and pleasure, but the greatest enjoyment will always be related to the moment of penetration.

You can stimulate different erogenous zones depending on the type of dildo you use.

1. Vaginal Stimulation

Although it may be the most common, the reality is that only 25% of women claim to be able to reach orgasm through penetration only. That is why the stimulation of the vaginal area is usually linked to that of the clitoris, which could be considered as the center of sexual sensitivity and is designed exclusively to give pleasure. Vaginal stimulation can be achieved by manual masturbation, with the help of toys, or during sexual intercourse with penetration.

2. Stimulation Point G

For many decades, the existence of the G-spot was considered a myth of female pleasure, but over the years it has been able to corroborate its existence. If you still do not know where it is, we will tell you that the G-spot is located inside the vagina, on its front wall, and that it coincides with the prolongation of the clitoris. It is considered as one of the most sensitive areas inside the vagina, and we assure you that its stimulation can cause orgasms of great intensity.

3. Anal Stimulation

The anus is a significant erogenous zone in which many nerve endings that can be a good source of pleasure are concentrated. That is why the stimulation of this area can show you surprising sensations that you did not know, whether you are male or female. What is pursued through this type of stimulation is the activity of the pelvic nerve to achieve maximum excitement and enjoyment.

It is no longer a type of stimulation exclusive to one of the sexes, but we can all enjoy anal stimulation.

4. Stimulation Point P

The stimulation of Point P is focused on the masculine gender, since what is tried is to reach directly or indirectly the prostate area to maximize the level of pleasure. The prostate is a small gland, similar in size to a nut, and you can find it under the bladder, just in front of the rectum. It has been shown that stimulating the prostate area can make man reach more intense orgasms.

Anal Plugs

Anal dildos are erotic toys that men and women can use without problem. These plugs are designed to treat the anal area carefully and be able to easily introduce them. They are designed to cause sensations that would not be possible with other types of articles, making anal stimulation a safe and pleasant experience.

Within the anal plugs, we can establish different categories:

  • Stimulators of Point P (male erogenous zone), stimulators of Point P and perineal area, double dildos (anus and vagina), horsetails (anal plug with strips that simulate a ponytail), anal pumps (are introduced into the anus and inflate through a valve) as well as realistic, classic, suction cup stimulators. And for those who are a little bit adventurous, go and try horse dildos that are available at lovegasm.

There are many taboos about heterosexual sex and the use of anal dildos, but we encourage you not to put limits on your experiences, discovering and testing anal stimulation.