Before she knew how to drive, Jessica Darling knew how to operate a longarm machine. Before age 30, she started a quilt shop catering to the hip, modern quilting crowd. She developed a cadence of her own- and because she’s Italian, it’s very loud. She wears many hats; sometimes a fedora or snap-back comes into play. She closed the quilt shop to focus on interacting more intimately with the fresh modern quilting community. These days, she’s embarking on the teaching and lecture circuit, inspiring others to march to their own beat. She also designs sewing patterns under Homegrown- her personal imprint of the Villa Rosa Designs brand. She blogs- mostly about hip hop and her personal experiences, with the occasional quilt project. Catch her if you can thru her social media outlets: @jessicakdarling on Instagram and @fiber_culture on twitter. You can also follow her on http://facebook.com/jessicadarlingquilts.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Your name was given to me as a fabulous machine quilter. I have a few quilts lying around that I’d love to “get going”. If you could email me specifics, that would be great.
    Naomi Jacobs

    naomijacobs1 at comcast dot net

    Thanks in advance…


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