My name is Jessica. I’m aspiring to become a professional porn actress. It all started here on this website where it was first established as a porn site review were, I feature porn sites. I first started very small. As I was passionate about porn, a bit of an addict really, I did subscribe to a lot of different sites—both paid and free. Most of them were crap, but since I paid for most of the memberships, I thought why not share what I think with others—or how about a star in my very own video? This is how the review section started.

Early on, I started writing only very short articles, written by myself. Unfortunately, my writing skills were never outstanding, so I soon found other people to help me out who could put it down in words much better than I could. Today there are now several different contributors helping me out with articles—but I read and check everyone!

Today, I still go out on the web looking for new sites to add to Some we review, some I list in the directory, but mostly I watch them to learn new skills for my future audition. I want to learn from as many porn sites as possible, and hopefully, become featured in one of the websites that I think are the best so more people can enjoy them as much as I do.