Keep It Simple, Sewists! Tips for paring down a big stash

Hi y’all! Long time no talk. I’ve been busy popping out babies and trying to keep the quilt shop from burning down. Did I turn off the iron? Who’s crying?

Originally I was going to talk to all of you about what a massive mess my loft is and how I’m making efforts to pare it down so that all the fabric in it is fabric I’ll realistically use and consume within a lifetime.

In February, I had a total Kanye West type meltdown (minus the Twitter rants and general idiocy).  The stress of keeping the brick and mortar together, coupled with online promotions and my newly acquired quilting machines had me feeling the same way I was feeling when I owned remnants.

So we’re switching it up!

I decided to clearance out my dead stock and remove any fabric I don’t want to take home to the loft. I bribed Austin to help me clean it out, so that he would also have a space to paint! The best part about my hubs being an artist is that he never questions the sheer amount of fabric I have at home. Happy wife, happy life, they say!

While I wish I had a finished loft to share, we are still closing the brick and mortar. I’ll be sure to update at the end of the month when we’re all moved in.

One thing I did to help clear out space is I organized a destash. A successful destash will help you clear out any fabric you don’t anticipate using or maybe aren’t in love with anymore.  Take a clear photo of the fabric (use your phone, it doesn’t have to be fancy) where the bundle or yardage is clearly visible. Use hashtags like #thegreatfabricdestash and #destash for more visibility. You can even create a second Instagram account, so that you don’t annoy your non-quilting friends and family. Offer Paypal, Venmo or direct to your bank account as payments. Send your fabric promptly! You’re better than me!

Set your studio up with mini vignettes. If your fabric is well merchandised, you won’t feel the need to go to the quilt shop for new fashion fabric. Instead, you’ll buy basics to add to your already-awesome stash. The local shop is earning your business AND you aren’t going crazy buying everything under the sun. EVERYONE wins!

For more tips on how to spring clean your studio, visit my buddies on Cheryl’s blog tour!

April 23 – Lori Crawley Kennedy –
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April 25 – Robin Koehler –
April 26 – Andi Barney-
April 27 – Misty Cole –
April 28 – Carolina Moore-
April 29 – Heather Pregger –
April 30 – Linda Bratten –
May 1 – Lisa Reber –
May 2 – Teresa Coates –
May 3 – Lisa Chin –
May 4 – Jamie Fingal –
May 5 – Sam Hunter –
May 6 – Jessee Maloney –
May 7 – Randa Parrish –
May 8 – Sarah Vedeler-
May 9 – Jessica Darling –                         <<——- you are here!
May 10 – Melody Crust –
May 11 – Debby Brown –
May 12 – Cheryl Sleboda –

Happy Tidying!

3 thoughts on “Keep It Simple, Sewists! Tips for paring down a big stash

  1. Jessica, I’m not quite sure if I understand correctly? Are you closing down your shop? I so enjoyed visiting with you from your Grand Opening with burgers, dogs, soda etc., Our husbands talking about music on that same day as well as sharing the heart breaking news with you that I had lost my Granddaughter to Leukaemia, I sure appreciated your hugs of comfort. I have never been in your store and seen you treat anyone as a stranger. Your love always abounds to everyone you meet. Again I hope your not closing the store front down but if you are I’m sure it was not an easy decision made with haste.
    P.S. where the check is your bunny hidden???


    • Leah if I remember correctly it’s at the very bottom of the page where it’s Jessica telling people about her.


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