Hot Mess, or How Life Is One Big WIP: Spring Clean Your Studio Challenge


My friend Cheryl threw up a Facebook status recently challenging her quilty friends to publicly shame themselves by posting photos of their messy studios. The trick is to actually clean them, and then post photos of that too. At first I was like, nahhhhh that sounds pretty painful. BUT. QuiltMama had also talked me into this Open House event here at the new studio. There was a quilt show last weekend in Grass Valley, so I thought it would be the perfect time to clean and document.

this is where all the magic happens....?

this is where all the magic happens….?

I recently got this beautiful couch from my friend Katie Jean, and this photo makes me feel super guilty because I feel like if she sees this, she’ll gasp in horror at how her couch is being treated!

for real?!

for real?!

When it comes to my quilting studio, I’m moderately messy, but only when I’m in the middle of a project, or ten. Usually, my studio stays pretty clean. I’ve come to find for me that as long as everything has a designate home, I want to do everything in my power to see that everyone goes home when they’re done working.

cleanish studio

QuiltMama loves to buy dollar-store containers, and I tease her for this, yet I stole these poppy red flower cutout containers from her. They hide my binding rolls, notions and other things that belong together.

(Isn’t that rug super dope? I got it 4 cheep at Ross.)

Qcleaning ironing area

I hung this concert flier from Austin that used to be in my bedroom at the Geneva house. I have so many quilts and they all end up in trunks somewhere or packed away in the Harry Potter closet. So I rolled up my Ride or Die quilts and threw them in this trunk. Good enough for me!

cleanish lounge

Some of them didn’t make it in the trunk before I snapped this pic. Sorry. I was in a hurry! I hung up my FAVORITE QUILT OF ALL TIME until its next trip out of town this summer. Also, my fire extinguisher is expired and I feel like I need you to know that.

I feel like my studio is a symbol for the greater picture going on in my life right now. I’ve been clearing a lot of headspace, but at my own pace. I think there’s a bit of magic in knowing that everything you want isn’t going to happen all at once. Sometimes I sacrifice Studio Cleaning Time for Heart Cleaning Time. Sometimes, one hand washes the other.

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Wishing you all a happy, productive, fresh and clean week!


6 thoughts on “Hot Mess, or How Life Is One Big WIP: Spring Clean Your Studio Challenge

  1. I love you man. No other words needed. Wait. Scratch that. Also this… question. If I were to make you a fat quarter sized wallhanging, would there be a spot in your lovely studio that it could hang?


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