Bella Caronia Spring Bloom GIVEAWAY!

Hey there! As I write this, I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for not checking in with everyone sooner. I’m alive! I’m productive! Things are great! My friend Amanda Caronia is a designer for Windham Fabrics under the name Bella Caronia and has created a gorgeous new collection! It’s called Spring Bloom and its name is an apt description of this beautiful group. Spring is in full swing here in Grass Valley–this couldn’t be more perfect!

Amanda asked me to create an original piece using the Spring Bloom fabrics. I immediately thought of my best friend. She is expecting her first baby and I am over the moon about it. I really, really hope it’s a girl, so I decided that if I just keep making her baby girl quilts, the Universe will comply. I also decided that she and her husband are going to name their baby Hermione. I keep texting them, asking how my little wizard is doing. They’re being really good sports about it. After 14 years of friendship, this is nothing new to them.


This quilt uses my Hide and Seek pattern, which uses 30 5” squares. Since the Spring Bloom collection is 15 pieces, I thought each fabric could be represented twice and it would be a great way to show off the prints. I used Marcia Derse’s new basic, called Palette, as the sashing. When I was a teenager, this was my favorite shade of pink, so it brought back a happy memory as I was stitching the top.

Here’s a little shot that shows you some of the quilting detail.


I have decided that this quilting style, the Darlingique feather meander, is my signature, and I love that each time I do it, the design ends up slightly different, yet keeps it consistent.

Amanda and Windham were sweet enough to give me an extra fat quarter bundle of the complete Spring Bloom collection to give away! If you would like to win the Bella Caronia Spring Bloom bundle, leave me a comment sharing one of your favorite spring time experiences. Is it the new growth everywhere, the kids on bikes downtown on the weekend, or not turning on your heater? Leave me your thoughts and I will pick a winner on Monday.

Thanks Amanda, Windham, and all of you, for making this such a fun project!

PS If you would like to order the Hide and Seek pattern, I’ve got it for sale here. xoxoxo

95 thoughts on “Bella Caronia Spring Bloom GIVEAWAY!

  1. Birds singing in the morning, I know that sounds corny but I really do like it.Sunshine still here later in the evening.


  2. Longer days and evenings and watching my kids play outside without spending 15 minutes bundling them up first 🙂 Thanks- this is such a cheerful line- love your quilt (the sashing color is perfect!)


  3. Favorite spring is the lime green of new quaking aspen leaves, even though I haven’t seen them in a number of years.


  4. Spring is my favorite season. Living in Iowa, it is a very welcome time after so many months of freezing temperatures and mountains of snow. The best part is being able to open the windows to let in the fresh air and hearing the birds sing their sweet songs!


  5. This is perfect fabric for this pattern! I love to hear the Robins singing — especially in evening when they go to top of the trees and sing “cheer up cheerily” over and over again.


  6. My garden always looks best in the late spring. We’re not there yet but it’s starting to wake up. I love watching the birds collecting twigs for their nests. Soon it will be duckling and bluebell time on the canal which goes through our village. Spring is definitely my favourite time of year.


  7. I love all the colors of spring – the many variations of green, the blooms of the Bradford Pear, redbud trees, wisteria, etc….


  8. I absolutely love days with my windows open! The evenings are even better though! Sweet breeze, birds chirping, blooms…..but we won’t talk about the allergies! 😉


  9. Love these awesome Spring colors…
    Getting back into sewing…and starting my own business making kid,doll and dog items….


  10. Thanks for the giveaway. This is great fabric. My favorite thing about spring is opening the doors and windows to let in the fresh air. 🙂


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