INKED! Make my block and win a fat quarter pack!

As I write this post, I’m settling into a comfy warm bed somewhere outside of Los Angeles. I have six hours left into a thirty-three hour drive from Texas back to California.

I have SO MUCH to tell you about my trip to QuiltCon, BUT!!!

When my buddy Lynn Krawczyk asked me to be a part of her block hop to promote her upcoming fabric line, I had to say yes. First of all, it’s called INKED and that makes me so happy!


My block is a super fresh modified sawtooth star. Sawtooth stars are my favorite block to make because depending on how it is shaded, it can appear to take on different shapes or look like a completely different block.


Something to notice about my block- if you look at it from far away, the center can read as a solid, and the middle ring also reads as a solid. By piecing the block in such a way that the sawtooth blades are the same value as their background fabric, it seems to blend together. This is why I love this block so much. On the flipside, you could make your centers the same value as the sawtooth blades and pop a contrast background to make the star really enhanced. There’s a zillion color plays that you can use and that’s why it’s pretty much the greatest block ever.

(The block finishes at 12.5″ btdubs. )



center- 2″ square

center ring-  (2) 1.5 x 2″, (2) 1.5 x 4″

sawtooth blades- (8) 2.5″ squares

background- (4) 2.5 x 4″

star corner stones- 2.5″ squares

outer ring- (4) 2.5 x 8.5″

dark cornerstones- 2.5″ squares



Essentially, you’re going to start in the middle and work your way out. I really, really wish I could say that you’re starting from the bottom, just because I want to sing that Drake song while I’m making this block, but my friends, this is not the case. We’re starting in the middle. Add the text print to the sides, then the top and bottom of the center square to form a border around the square.

Then, make four flying geese sets using the red for the sawtooth points. There’s quite a few tutorials about flying geese on Youtube if you’re not sure how to make these. I don’t have a favorite, but I’m sure if you do some sleuthing you can find one that you love. After you make the geese, you’re going to attach the side sawtooth blades. Then, before you add the top and bottom blades, you’re going to attach the cornerstones to the sides and then sew rows together. The border is approached in the same fashion- first add the sides, then attach cornerstones to top and bottom and then sew together in rows.

(NOTE: I’m currently traveling back from QuiltCon, and will be adding a diagram when I get home! xoxox)


Get it? Got it? Good.



This is the gorgeous finished quilt with all of the lovely quilt blocks. I think this photo is majestic! The vibrant colors against the dull snow makes me think that this quilt is a blues-buster. Winter can be tough. Sometimes we need to look at beautiful things to feel refreshed!

OK- I have a really cool surprise for you. OK- it’s not really a surprise. I have a fat quarter pack of Lynn’s awesome fabric to give away!

If you, too, want to GET INKED, leave me a comment telling me how beautiful I am. Kidding. Leave me a comment about what your first inspiration is upon looking at Lynn’s fabric. What does it make you want to create?

Also, there’s a few other chances to win a fat quarter pack AND more instructions on how to make the blocks from the Inked quilt.

Inked Block Hop Schedule-

Thur, March 5- Debbie Grifka

Friday, March 6- Lynn Carson Harris

Saturday, March 7- Jen Osborn

Sunday, March 8- Lynn Krawczyk BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Monday, March 9- Flaun Cline

Tuesday, March 10- Mickey Depre

Wednesday, March 11- Cheryl Sleboda

Thursday, March 12- Maddie Kertay

Friday, March 13- Lynn Krawczyk

That’s it for now! I’m going to hit the road and head home. This is the last six hours of a 33- hour drive. Did I mention that?!

Live piecefully,

xoxoxo JD


112 thoughts on “INKED! Make my block and win a fat quarter pack!

  1. I hope you made it back home ok! I love the photo with the quilt against the snow and old barn! Very inspirational. I’m sure I’d use any fabric in a quilt since that’s what I make the most!


  2. I love that quilt! Beautiful! I would like to use this fabric in a fall leave quilt. I really like the maple leaves patterns and this would be beautiful for one!


  3. Love that photo of the quilt against the snow! I’d probably use Lynn’s fabrics in combination with my own hand-printed ones. I could see making a hand-stitched “story” cloth or maybe a “story” bag or a doll.


  4. I was a bit of a TORMENT AND TEASE being able to see ALL OF THE FABRIC LINE while piecing and quilting this thing! I NEED ALL OF THIS FABRIC…. first to fondle and then to make my OWN QUILT!


  5. I particularly like the black/white text fabric … I would use it to make the hashtag blocks for the current #vancouvermqg block lotto – its perfect! I love the red/orange combination too – my favourite! Sorry I missed you at QuiltCon – I wanted to say hi!


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  7. Oh! I am amazed at how very different your block appears in the finished quilt!!
    From a distance, the red appears as a distinct “x”… rather than a yellow/red ring around the dark center!
    Your block, and what you wrote about how very different it looks depending on color placement, inspires me!!… I want to use these vivid, intensely colored fabrics to experiment, and create a quilt based on your block,… a sampler quilt of sorts, with variations of your block!
    Thank you for the inspiration!!
    Pat T.


  8. This is a beautiful quilt. I’m inspired to try my hand at some of the squares that are new to me. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


  9. Love he block, and easy peasey… thanks to you! All of the fabrics just sing and your directions are so clear. Thanks for sharing and the picture of the whole quilt with all of the blocks too! Your work is stunning… I will be following! Thanks for being a part of INKED!


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