I Love You: Quilts are Dope Giveaway!

I’ve had something to tell y’all. It’s been on my mind for a while and I wasn’t sure how to say it. So I decided instead of telling you myself, I’d let my friend Richard Simmons relay the message:

In case it is not abundantly clear, I thought I’d let my friend Mitchell Davis go in on it.

“If bees had little tiny knees, you’d be it.”
I love each and every one of you so much. The fact that you are reading this right now makes me smile. I watch my analytics on my blog and it both freaks me out and delights me at the same time that I am able to connect with such a massive amount of people. It’s dope, really. I feel privileged to know you. 
I love you so much that I’ve been planning a sweet little giveaway and today is the day!
There are several ways to win:
*** “Like” my new Facebook page
*** Use the hashtag #quiltsaredope on Instagram or Twitter
*** Leave a comment on this blog– #quiltsaredope. Dope can mean anything from stylish to interesting. What’s dope about quilting to you? 
This is a quilt by Annie Brenneke that I found while googling “hip hop+quilt”. I’m pretty sure this is my definition of dope quilts. UGH! HIS SWEATER!!!!!! I want to add 10 more exclamation points but I am past the point of obnoxious already….
Soooo….what’s the loot, you may ask? Why are you sharing all my stuff- what’s in it for you? 
Sweet fat quarter packs from Andover!!! There are three different bundles you can win!
Villa Rosa Designs Prize Pack! Includes our new cardholder key ring, 3 new Rosecards and a Seamsters Union pinback button. There are 10 chances to win! TEN! DIEZ! There’s enough winners to make a scrimmage basketball game. Just sayin. 
Autographed Big City Bags By Sara Lawson, aka Sew Sweetness!!! Seriously, who loves ya, baby? I almost kept this little diamond of knowledge for myself, but tis far greater to give. The winner of this book MUST tag me in their projects made from it! I love Sara, I think she’s incredibly talented and I know she works very hard to produce such great bodies of work. I know you’ll enjoy gleaning some of her tricks and will produce beautiful bags as a result of this book! There is only ONE chance to win this book, so cross your fingers!
Since this blog is all about love, I thought I’d touch on it for a minute. In the 28 years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve learned a little bit about love. Not much, just a little. One thing I have learned about it is that sometimes love means letting go. I’ve been experiencing this lesson recently in a few different forms. Even though it’s growth and I understand that, it still hurts to do it. 
Three days ago, I said goodbye to one of my most loyal companions. She was the most effective listener I’ve ever met. She was chatty, too, don’t get me wrong—but her predictable little noises lulled me to sleep at nite and provided a comforting white noise during the day. I did the most growing up in my life with her by my side. When her new owner came to pick her up, I felt like a mother giving up her child for adoption. I didn’t want her to touch Tina. I needed a moment with her alone, to clean and tidy her, to praise her for all of her beautiful work, and to tell her that I appreciated her and that it wasn’t her fault that she was going to a new home. I simply have to provide her with a better life, and that life isn’t with me. I said my final goodbyes to Tina Turner, tears streaming down my pathetic little face. Tina is a machine. Why do I feel like I just gave my prize winning racehorse away? I’m a fool in love when it comes to longarms, but I know that it’s a lifestyle that’s no longer compatible with me. Have you ever loved someone but knew they weren’t the one? 
This is the last photo that Mark Henson took before he was killed. I am the chola on the right, in case you weren’t aware. We were friends for eight years. Mark spent 5 nites a week at my house from May to August 2008. He had been going thru some major life issues. I’m good company, and had a big empty house to myself. You know what I really miss about those times? The simplest things, like Mark used to take my trash cans to the curb for me on Thursday nites and take them back in on Friday mornings. To this day, I think of him when I’m taking out my trash and I wish he was here. Isn’t that silly? And I miss his little devious laugh, and his enormous nostrils that I swear you could fit a full-sized carrot into one….I miss his songs and his jokes and his little booty shakes. I miss watching films with him, because I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be appreciating. Mark was a talented actor and a seasoned comedian. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life- laugh till you pee a little bit. But it’s love pee. 
Letting go of him has been truly difficult. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about him every day for the past six years. The nite before he died, he was staying at my house. I remember it like it was yesterday, as cliche as that sounds. It was the opening nite of the 2008 Olympics and he was pronouncing the country Belarus like Bell-are-us and I couldn’t stop laughing, especially after he insisted he was right. (It’s pronounced Bella-Roos, FYI.)  I left to visit my parents in 
Sacramento and told him he had to find another place to stay. When I woke up in the morning after sleeping in at my parents house, he was dead. For years I carried this guilt that it was because I had gone away that he died. The reality of it is, after learning the details of his case, if I had stayed, there’s a possibility that I wouldn’t be here writing this blog. 
After the trial is finished, the verdict is read and sentencing happens, I have the final leg of the journey to face- letting go. Releasing all negative feelings for Nicholas Harris and for the hateful, disturbing acts that he committed will be the biggest test of my faith and my character. I so desperately want to do the right thing. I’m filled with emotions and they seem to change by the hour. 
But real love means letting go when it’s time. And my friends, it’s time. 
It’s time to pack. Holy crap. I’m leaving in less than a week and less than half of my house is packed. 
Gotta go. Gotta go go go go go! We’ll talk again soon. I’ll keep you posted on everything. 
Go! Follow. Like things. Tag people. Win stuff. Follow the directions! And I will keep packing my chotskies and keeping my cool. 
We’re in this together, 

9 thoughts on “I Love You: Quilts are Dope Giveaway!

  1. #quiltsaredope. I was a child of the sixties and seventies. On one of those recent silly tests on FB, I was as the labelled as the Stoner in high school. So I guess you could say quilts really are dope to me. Quilting takes me to a happy place without illegal meds. I still may need a 12-step program for my fabric obsession but you will have to drag me kicking and screaming to the meeting.


  2. #quiltsaredope. Quilts are dope cause you put apart if yourself into each one you make and then without thinking you can just give it away. There are not to many things in life that I can say this about but I have never once made a quilt that was destined for someone else or that someone saw and wanted that I did not just freely give away.
    I am still sad that you are leaving but I know you are going to be amazing in this new chapter just as you were in this one. Best luck and wishes every step of the way.


  3. Awesome post! Quilts are dope to me because they keep me sane and my IG friends are some of my closest friends even if I never meet them in real life…. They are my PEOPLE…. They get me…. They laugh at my jokes and they helped cheer me on through breast cancer, chemo, radiation and the love the fact that my boob now doubles as a pin cushion!


  4. #Quiltsaredope because it is an expression of art and love (=time) you put into your creations. I love the pic of you and Mark, I am so sorry for your loss and understand the guilt involved (the last thing I remember telling my dad the morning he died was that I hated him because he wouldn't stop tickling me) it took me years to realize he knew I loved him regardless of what I said. By the way, I got a new tattoo this past weekend. It is a portrait of my mom and dad. Get to packing girl! See ya around


  5. #quiltsaredope because they've enabled me to make new friends and be creative in a totally remarkable way. i wish i'd been braver and befriended you while i had the chance, and asked to hang out irl. best of luck and lots of love. 🙂


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